30 apr.

zaterdag 30 april 2022 tot zaterdag 30 april 2022

Begin: 14:00 Einde: 16:00 Organisatie: EuroTCK Locatie: Online via Zoom Toelichting:

EuroTCKx - Virtual conference via ZOOM!

Depression in TCKs: Loss, Risk & Prevention

Date and Time: Saturday, April 30th, from 2-4 pm CEST.

OBJECTIVE: To bring awareness, recognition of and prevention for depression.


Christian Quartier on LOSS: Causes of depression from loss because of changes, grief, relationships

David Hawker on RISK:  When depression needs professional help

Maria Techow on PREVENTION: Preventing depression in TCKs from ages 9-17

Each speaker will have 20 minutes, and at the end we will have a time for them to answer questions.

This conference is for all people with a heart for Third Culture Kids, whether you have TCK responsibility within your organisation or mission, or provide any form of TCK Care. Adult TCKs are also more than welcome to participate.

This EuroTCKx is free, but please sign up!


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